1. Температура воздуха

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    • December freeze-frame. Summing up the results.

      Dear colleagues!

      The results of measurements of air temperature is also reflected unusually warm for our country in December.

      The photographs of participants from north to south, you can see the snow-free experimental plots.

      That snapshot in Astrakhan, where the snow was melting almost before time to take measurements.

      But the school grounds in Karelia ...

      However, some participants still frame winter still happened, it was confirmed photos of Muravlenko.

      We note the presence of snow and Izhevsk ...

      The most comprehensive report of the stop-frame has turned the team with fervent called "Creative" from the Ural city of Votkinsk.

      The high air temperature for December, participants wrote from the village Balakirevo and Astrakhan. Astrakhan team to carry out measurements using a digital sensor, and the Tablet PC, the air temperature was 7 ° C. And participants from the village of Butyrka Lipetsk region also noted that the winter weather is not.

      The team from Muravlenko discovered that the crown of the tree is 4 degrees warmer than in the open. Not surprisingly, the sparrows are so fond of winter to gather large companies in the dense bush!

      And most of all I liked this report, "went on the school grounds were measured and were looking for the phenomenon." It makes you want to exclaim: "Brevity - the sister of talent!"

      The story of the trials in December it would be desirable to complete the link to the detailed report and a good group of young naturalists.

      I had not thought that the walls of buildings may accumulate cold and behave like a refrigerator.

      And what are the results of the December freeze frame seemed most interesting to you?

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    • September synchronous snapshot. We are discussing the results of the study of air temperature

      Dear Colleagues!

      To sum up our first stop of the frame in this school year, I would like to especially draw your attention not on the scientific side of the issue, and on the accuracy of following methods. After all, so that we can compare the results, we must adhere to a single procedure. In many projects GlobalLab in the questionnaire contains a special question, "the study date." This allows the participant to perform one day of observation, to fix the results of observations in the diary by a photographic or video material, and then, even a month later, send a questionnaire. Time to send the questionnaire automatically recorded and taken into account in analyzing the results.

      The questionnaires freeze-frame the question of date is not because it is assumed that all the observations made in the same day on which we had agreed, on the day of the equinox or solstice, or Earth Day. In an extreme case, the study allowed for a week, but this term also specifically stipulated: from September 23 to September 30 inclusive.

      Through analysis of the results, I set the filter on the date thus:

      And I think that four members of a still image immediately figured out that I am not able to see their results, as well as take them into account in the analysis because they are not included in the stipulated period of time.

      Let us be attentive to the procedures, protocols and rules of our research!

      I would also like to draw attention to the work of innovators from Cherkov-Grishensky OCS. Since the methodology of research for some reason, you want to make three dimensions, they took three different thermometer and just one dimension received all the results you want for your magazine.

      But what do we actually measure the same value three times?

      But the fact that the main indicators of the quality of laboratory results are reproducible and correct, that determine the overall uncertainty (precision) of measurement result - the difference between the measurement result determined by the index and the true value of the measured value. The true value can not be established exactly, so the scientists instead of the term "true value" is used, the term "set point." On the measurement error affects the quality of the instrument and the way we have calibrated.

      In our school environment we neglect the calibration of our thermometers and temperature sensors (although in principle the materials for the still picture you can learn how to calibrate your device), so we are one and the same instrument measures three times, then we feel mean and prescribe it "set value." We do not expect the errors do not do a long series of these three dimensions is the only thing we do to refine their results.

      What we see in the profiles of our participants from Cherkov-Grishino? We see three different instruments, each of which will give its error, with no indication of which is not specified ... It turns out that for a general analysis of the results, this profile does not fit ...

      We have to again repeat my appeal: let us be attentive to the procedures, protocols and rules of our research! They are not just invented ...

      If we consider the air temperature by day, it may be noted that on September 30, participants from the southern regions of Russia warm - 27-30 ° C, and in the northern St. Petersburg only 12 ° C.

      The same can be said of the 29th of September. The spread between the northern and southern (and central) region up to 10 ° C. Interestingly, in Petrozavodsk warmer than in St. Petersburg - 16 ° C! On the east of the country in Primorye and warm - up to 22 ° C. A leading Astrakhan region, they simply hot - up to 30 ° C

      For September 28 has data from northern Cecht - not far from Archangel. The air temperature of about 13 ° C. In Severomorsk about 10 ° C. But in Primorye are still around 22 ° C.

      On September 27, the freeze frame attended Moscow, the temperature about 26 ° C. About Tatarstan detailed enough, but the air temperature is called the same 25-26 ° C. In Kstovo about 23 ° C.

      Data for September 26, are as follows: Petrozavodsk - 16 ° C. In Izhevsk - 23 ° C to 26 ° C according to other observers. Votkinsk about 19 ° C.

      The main conclusion that we would like to do at this point is that for the next year and for the following snapshots of this year must be clearly spelled out that the form must be completed on the same day, when the research was carried out!

      September 25 has data from Svetliy about Kaliningrad. Judging from the photos admitted the same error: not consistent readings with a thermometer, and a one-time measurement of multiple sensors. Profile completion informative enough to use it in the analysis of data. In St. Petersburg, meanwhile warmed to 24 ° C. But in the upper region of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok about 3 ° C. This is the lowest result Freeze! The Chuvash village of Krasnoarmeyskoye and it was warm 25 ° C. Participants from Muravlenko YaNAO on the sunny side was 10 ° C, and the north side of 5 ° C. Longitude and cold Novosibirsk Muravlenko close enough, but in terms of latitude south of Novosibirsk much.

      And finally, the autumnal equinox - the main day of freeze-frame! On this day, the data sent one Moscow school and the school of the village Nachalovo Astrakhan region. In Astrakhan expected hot 28 ° C in Moscow, 17-18 ° C.

      Now we can not only to compare these data to each other, but also to compare them to each region with the September usual temperatures. I'll start with Moscow and several regions and invite all participants to join me in the comments.

      Moscow September should be approximately 13 ° C early in September with a decrease in temperature to 8 ° C by the end of September. Results Freeze say that the air temperature in the last week of September even exceeded the normal temperature for the beginning of the month, sometimes twice. In Arkhangelsk, the average daily temperature September 11 ° C, the data from Cecht (13 ° C) good fit here. In Petrozavodsk, we should expect an average daily temperature of 12,5 ° C, freeze frame data showed 16 ° C, but this difference can be critical.

      Join the discussion results of measuring the temperature of the air!

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    • Scientific adviser GlobalLab asking questions ... discuss?

      Here's an interesting question ... Take a jar of air, close the cap and insert it into a tube thermometer. Expose the bank to air in the sun ... and the thermometer almost does not move: the air does not absorb sunlight ... Where does the high air temperature on a sunny day ?!

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