1. Температура почвы. Декабрьский стоп-кадр

    • Discuss the hypothesis

      Look at the scorecard project.

      Can we say that the snow depth increases from south to north? And in the direction from west to east? And in the direction from the sea inland?

      Whether it is possible from the data contained in the questionnaires to make assumptions about changes in air temperature in December?

      For example, one of the profiles contain data such

      1. Air temperature 2.00 ° C
      2. Power snow cover 5.00
      3. Soil surface temperature -3.00 ° C
      4. Soil temperature at a depth of 5 cm 0.00 ° C

      How, in your opinion, could change the temperature in the days before the measurement? Why the soil temperature at a depth of 5 cm close to the ambient temperature than the temperature on the surface of the soil?

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