1. Температура воздуха. Декабрьский стоп-кадр

    • Communication temperature in the shade at a height of 150 cm and a height of 1 cm

      On this chart, we also see how an error in data entry hampered work schedule.

      Someone pointed out the air temperature equal to one hundred and ten degrees, making dates shrunk vertically and it became more difficult to find differences between the data.

      Please write in this blog, which was equal to the difference between the temperature in the shade at a height of one hundred fifty and one centimeter on your site.

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    • Connection between the temperature on the south side of the building and the temperature to the north of the building

      Unfortunately, someone made a typo, typing temperature three meters from the south wall of equal thousand degrees - because of this whole schedule squeezed horizontally and differences of temperatures at the southern wall become invisible. The only thing we can do now is try to re-build the graph on the results of questionnaires, and the future to understand how important it is just to make the data before publication.

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    • Dependence of the temperature at noon on latitude

      Is there a relationship between the temperature of air at noon on latitude?

      Look at the map results. First state, which means each point. Let's see what number is on the point - this number is the latitude where the temperature was measured. It is clear that apart from latitude 50 degrees and 55 degrees latitude (these numbers are marked on the graph), there are at latitude 51, 52, 53 and 54 degrees, which is simply not marked, and even these lines are separated by an arc of one degree can be divided into minute and second share.

      Using the graph, we can roughly estimate the geographic latitude, and to learn it more precisely, we have to look into the profile of the research team.

      So, we have learned that the point on the horizontal axis of the graph indicates the geographical latitude of where the measurements.

      Now let's see what number is on the same horizontal line with the chosen point - this number corresponds to the air temperature.

      What information can we learn from the graph? We see that at midday temperature in the shade falls in the range from minus five to plus five degrees Celsius in points from the forty-fifth to the seventieth latitude.

      At the same time, at the latitude of fifty-five to fifty-eight degrees temperature in different places was from ten to plus minus thirty degrees.

      Can we now say that the south always warmer than the north?

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    • The difference between the maximum and minimum temperature

      Let our first freeze frame data were published only 25 research groups, see what we've got and try to explain the distribution pattern of the data.

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