1. "The gateway of the city"

    • The city gates

      Vladimir Rab

      The city gate - stations,
      Hungry wandering marinas.
      Weary on the long road,
      They meet in the rapids.

      Alloy metal, glass and concrete,
      I do here is painfully familiar.
      Sound of wheels and lunch counter,
      In my heart a little anxious and bitter.

      Cassius fuss, crowded ...
      Who have been here at least once, will not forget
      Elektrochasov dials,
      Never-ending noise of the trains,

      Tired sleepy faces
      Those who can not stay in their homes,

      Who are kilometers of roads,
      Experiences, worries, anxieties.
      The city gate - stations.
      I walk along the platform wearily.
      Wearied me distance
      Partings, meetings, farewell ...

      Claude Oscar Monet. "Gare Saint-Lazare" (1877), one of 12 paintings depicting a construction made by Monet in January - April. From here trains to Argenteuil, and the Gare Saint-Lazare was considered at the time of engineering and technological masterpiece.

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