1. "There can be miracles when you believe..."


      - And what's that sound over there? - Said Alice.

      - And it's wonders - the Cheshire Cat said indifferently.

      - I. .. And what are they doing there? - Asked the girl.

      - As expected, - cat yawned. - Cases. (Lewis Carroll)

      Figure Victoria Kirda

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    • Reflections on


      Not everyone admits magic
      Closing the streams of life common sense.
      But someone from childhood believing in witchcraft,
      Welcomes a thought of happiness!
      Is not it wonderful that gift
      When cells become of man?
      And the fate of luck fee
      With love gettin age of the century?

      And is not magic the verses ...
      The feelings we experience often?
      And creativity sublime soul,
      What's black and white paint the world in happiness
      And can not divine love?
      It does not describe in words!
      Unity caress filled with blood,
      Correction word boundaries and distances.

      And the magic of nature do you see?
      In a perfect symbiosis developing,
      It carries all the dreams
      Germ love wading through stones ...
      Striving to take inexplicable,
      We see only what we understand ...
      Not everyone is ready to understand the magic,
      After all the magic we feel the heart.

      Eugene Stuzhuk

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