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    • Favorite flowers and nature

      What you love flowers garden or field? And what, exactly?

      Our favorite flowers can tell us about our character. Find your favorite flower and maybe you'll learn something new about your character


      tjulpan 250x187 Любимые цветы и характер

      People with an unbending will and a strong energy love these flowers. Under the weight of life's difficulties, they bend but do not break. It puzzles people, they are easy to communicate, but to uncover the essence is not so easy. They look to the future with optimism, hoping that there awaits them a better life, so all the hardships they suffer stoically. Husbands of women who love tulips, live is not easy, because these women think they are always right.


      pion 250x187 Любимые цветы и характер

      Pions fans can be divided into two camps: the first is very loved-up, while others are deficient in love comfort or suppress their sexual desires because of his shyness. First just like life itself and passionately adore money.

      Lilac or wildflowers

      Siren ili polevye cvety 166x250 Любимые цветы и характер

      People who prefer to keep your feelings to yourself love bouquets of wildflowers or lilac. They may withdraw into himself, if something is wrong. They have a sophisticated and rich inner world, and therefore does not have enough energy to achieve their goals. They are very diligent and responsive.


      Fialka 250x226 Любимые цветы и характер

      People who prefer to live in their own world, without much communication (introverts) - it's just fans of violets. They are very good and comfortable alone with his thoughts and suicide. They love to dream and part idealize the past. But this is not to say that such people depresivny or melancholic. If they have a purpose, they'd be sure to reach, even if not immediately, but gradually.


      hrizantema 250x167 Любимые цветы и характер

      Amateur chrysanthemums trying to achieve perfection in everything - whether it's career, house or appearance. They love to dig into themselves and at the same time they are responsible and serious. Sometimes they turn in on themselves and others can not accept and understand them. Because really love a man who loves himself more complicated.


      roza 250x187 Любимые цветы и характер

      Confident and self-sufficient people love these flowers. These people know how to love others and yourself. He firmly on the ground and not worry about trifles. They know exactly what they want and do not like to stargaze. They are not seldom ambitious and pushy. In the crowd they do not get lost, and for this they do not like others.


      gvozdika 250x187 Любимые цветы и характер

      Lovers do not like carnations rapid manifestation of feelings, but they can be polite and know exactly when and what to say, so as not to offend the other. Among the fans of carnations meet and manipulators. People this is a very stubborn and straightforward, and it is not like everyone.


      gerbery 250x250 Любимые цветы и характер

      Fans of these colors easily vulnerable, open, kind, sweet and simple. However, they rested in their quest to achieve the ideal throughout. They are not able to adapt to circumstances, so they are not always obstinacy helps ensure that what you want. And some fans of these colors are looking for someone to rely on, because afraid of life.


      irisy 250x208 Любимые цветы и характер

      In its quest to achieve goals such people reach fanaticism, they are subordinate their desires, even if they are far and unrealizable. Therefore, such people are often left alone. However, they can lead a serious company, to build a successful career, because they are hardworking.


      lilii 250x200 Любимые цветы и характер

      Strong, energetic, confident and even a little arrogant - it fans lilies. They are self-righteous and very often they do not care about someone else's opinion. They lack self-criticism. And at the same time they have the charm and sophistication of nature.

      Well, the same as your character to write about?

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