1. Удивительное чудо природы – пчела.

    • A wonderful miracle of nature is a bee.

      Paleontologists argue that the bees, in the form in which they are represented now appeared about 40 million years ago. The bees are hard workers, what we know about them. Today, some scientists attribute reasonable actions to bees, but is it so? Let's start the story with the fact that bees can be considered excellent mathematicians, engineers, architects. The honeycombs that build bees are flawless and are one of the most rational natural geometric forms of a vessel. They have a large margin of strength and capacity, as well as precise dimensions with identical cell angles. In one bee family can consist of 80 000 to 120 000 individuals. Relationships in the beehive are the standard of a large amicable family. At the head of which stands the bee-womb, and all members of the family implicitly obey her. In a bee colony, working bees are only females. Male individuals - drones do not work for the benefit of the family. The uterus and "worker bees" take care of the preservation and healthy functioning of the family. The lifespan of bees depends on the time of their appearance. The share of bees born in the spring-summer period accounts for the most work - building honeycombs, collecting nectar and pollen, protecting the hive and other summer care. They quickly spend their resources and therefore their life time is much less than that of the autumn bee, which did not spend its energy on summer work. The average life expectancy of a worker's bee was raised in the autumn period and hibernated from 190 to 210 days, and in summer - only 30 - 60 days. Life expectancy of the uterus is from 4 to 5 years. Also, not everyone knows that bees play an important, even decisive, role in our daily lives. Regular and continuous activity of bees is necessary for pollination of many plants, which are vital for the nutrition of not only humans, but also many wild animals. Bears, birds, mice, squirrels and other creatures depend on the availability of a sufficient number of nuts and seeds, which will not be without adequate pollination of plants, carried out mainly by bees. They support whole ecosystems and agriculture. One third of our food depends on the bees. Many people know about bumblebees and honey bees, but they hardly heard that there are 20 thousand different kinds of these insects all over the world. In North America alone, there are more than 4,000 species. Honey bees are perhaps the most famous of all, however, in the colony of North America they were brought by settlers, before that the honey varieties on the territory of the present United States did not live. List of native North American species of bees includes bumblebees and garden bees.

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