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    • Homonyms in poetry

      Homonyms - words that have the same sound but different in meaning. For example. "Swords" (from the word "sword") and "swords" (from the word "meta"); "Three" (the number) and "three" (from the word "rub"), and so on. Sts. Homonyms built punning game (see. Pun), and from this side, they can be the poetic device. But the significance of homonyms, as reception is not confined to their punning. Homonyms may be used only because of the wealth of its capacity and without punning intent, such as the so-called homonymic rhymes. These rhymes, as indicated by Bryusov (see. His "experiments"), there is still Pushkin:

      And what does the spouse

      Alone, in the absence of a spouse.

      ("Count Nulin").

      Bruce himself gave poetry, even completely soaked in homonymic rhymes like "In the pond" or "On the Beach". Cm., For example, in the last stanza of the poem:

      Closing weary eyelids,

      Moment who quit the shore,

      Oh, if so be forever

      This quiet beach.

      On par with pure sound significance homonyms, in this example is interesting to pay attention to the character that gets the meaning of the words, homonyms, united rhyme. The contrast between the same sound and different meanings of homonyms, which gives a pun comic character denoted homonyms concepts Bryusov, in contrast, leads to a deepening of the content. And due to the fact that the contrast enhanced by the provision of homonyms, as rhymes, deepening becomes directly apparent. Indeed, homonyms "shore" from the "protect" and "shore" of the "coast", consonant opposed to one another, mutually enriched by: concrete "beach" is expanding its content to give shade from the abstract word "shore" (protect), and back abstract "take care of" a specific group from the "shore." Something similar in rhymes homonyms "forever" and "forever." Homonym therefore takes is one of the essential functions of poetic thought - namely, destroying the gap between abstract and concrete.

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