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      The frog has the unique ability to accept that temperature which corresponds to the environment. Due to this property, in the cold season, becoming colder, respectively, they require very little oxygen, so as to consume less food.

      So where do frogs hibernate?

      It should be noted that almost every frog of 30 most common species has its own characteristics hibernation. Some of them spend the winter on land, some in water.
      For example, with the onset of winter, frogs that live in the northern climate zone dive to the bottom of ponds and there, burrowing into the mud are all winter. Even in the coldest period of time, being there, frogs do not freeze as through ponds do not freeze.

      Common frog in hibernation is about 160 days, while it varies depending on the duration of colds. According to observations of the zoo staff from Moscow, Ryazan and Kaluga regions, the frog goes into hibernation for up to 6 months. But, over the last decade, with a significant cooling in these regions, where in March the night temperature is kept at around 20 degrees Celsius, lengthened and wintering frogs to 200-210 days. Even if the frog and had a desire to get out of the pond, the frozen top layer of water bodies would not give it to her. As is evident, the duration of sleep duration is proportional to the cold period. Thus, in the northern regions of the country winter frog up to 8 months in the southern - to 4.

      An example of an exotic type of care into hibernation American wood frog. During the cold season, her skin on the feet and fingers freeze to the ice, so that her body is filled with glucose. In proportion to the human body to a level of glucose would be critical, with the result that people would fell into a diabetic coma or even death. For this frog blood sugar also causes coma, but slowing down the metabolism, is lulling frog just at hand. With the onset of heat, amphibian thaws, glucose is burned, gives energy to start the movement.

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