1. Весенний концерт у водоёма

    • Wandering Jew

      Title of a book L.L.Stishkovskoy.

      "Amphibians are not spoiled by the attention popularizers, although the life of these animals, unique in many ways, is no less interesting than the lives of animals, birds and insects. Moreover, thanks amphibians made hundreds of different discoveries. And now continuing their intensive study. These studies should help to learn the secrets of regeneration of tissue incompatibility, create new drugs. Amphibians bring considerable benefits to agriculture. huge and their role in Biogeocenoses forest-steppes, meadows, lakes, ponds and rivers. They maintain a balance in nature, which has evolved over millions of years of existence of the biosphere . " - The author writes in the preface to the book.

      Interesting? Then familiarize yourself with the book!

      http://www.sivatherium.narod.ru/library/Stishkvs/b ...

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    • Rehearsals began spring concerts!

      In last Saturday near the pond heard mysterious sounds as if there tiny-Tama knocked under water. A Wednesday began timidly trying to cast the votes on gathering pond for amphibians breeding season. And now quite organized choir and accompanied by waterfowl and songbirds birds.

      Take your time to do the recording concerts amphibians

      and try to determine who exactly owns vote.

      Small pictures from the village lake

      What expressive eyes!

      In shallow water for frogs grace!

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    • Determination of amphibians by their appearance

      Determination of amphibians - is not easy!

      Even prior familiarity with the sources of information, such as such as poster ecosystema.ru , information from which is shown below, does not clarify, it is necessary to very carefully prepare for the meeting with the tailless amphibians!

      Family Frogs

      Green (water) frog:

      Marsh Frog - Rana ridibunda
      Terentyeva frog - Rana terentievi
      Edible frog - Rana lessonae
      Edible frog - Sana esculenta
      Chernopyatnistaya frog - Rana nigromaculata
      Brown (ground) frog:
      Common frog - Rana temporaria
      Nimble frog - Rana dalmatina
      Moor frog - Rana arvalis
      Asia Minor frog - Rana macrocnemis
      Central Asian frog - Rana asiatica
      Siberian frog - Rana amurensis
      Far frog - Rana chensinensis

      Family Toads

      Gray toad:

      Toad - Bufo bufo
      Caucasian toad - Bufo verrucosissimus
      Far toad - Bufo gargarizans

      Green Toad:

      Green toad - Bufo viridis
      Tajik toad - Bufo shaartusiensis
      Central Asian toad - Bufo danatensis
      Natterjack - Bufo calamita
      Mongolian toad - Bufo raddei

      Family-bellied toad

      Red-bellied toad - Bombina bombina
      Yellow-bellied-bellied toad - Vombina variegata
      Far-bellied toad - Vombina orientalis

      Family Tree frogs

      Ordinary frog - Hyla arborea
      Asia Minor frog - Hyla savignyi
      Far frog - Hyla japonica

      Family Spadefoot

      Ordinary frog - Pelobates fuscus
      Syrian spadefoot - Pelobates syriacus

      Look in the library book

      • Determinant of amphibians and reptiles fauna. AG Bannikov, JS DarevskiySSSR, 1977, Education,

      Determinant of amphibians and reptiles of the Urals

      You can download and install on your phone app for Android "Field guide: EkoVid"

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