1. Видеоблоги для детей: обратим вред в пользу!

    • What is a video blog?

      Many have already noticed that now very popular among modern children use videoblogs, which are enthusiastically led by parents themselves. What does the videoblog view to modern children and do they need to watch them?

      We wondered what children and their parents think about it, why video blogs are so fond of children, what more does a child get from them - benefit or harm, which is missing in children's video blogs.

      To begin with, we decided to figure out what video blogs are, when they first appeared and how they are arranged.

      Videoblog or vlog is an online diary in which fragments of life of different people are presented in the form of video clips. They can be devoted to a single topic (video blog about animals, music, etc.), united by one character or simply belong to one author.

      The process of conducting a video blog is called videologging (vlogging), but a person who shoots videos and puts them on the Internet - a video blogger (vlogordom).

      The founder of video blogging is Adam Kontras. It was he who first posted a video on his blog on January 2, 2000. Then Adrian Miles came up with the term "tax", and Steve Garfield declared 2004 the year of "video blog".

      In fact, the greatest popularity of video-logging has been received since 2005. This year the most popular video hosting Youtube (You Tube) was founded. Video hosting is a platform for video sharing. There are other sites for the exchange of videos, but as we already noted, YUTUB is by far the most popular.

      In 2016 in Russia, Yutyub Kids' service was activated. Youtube Kids is a collection of children's videos. It allows to protect children of preschool age and primary school age from unwanted information. I watch videos only on the Youtube Kids service, on which my parents put an age restriction.

      The videos are arranged as follows. Each video has a title, keywords (# hashtags), which search for a video, content (content), and a system of subscriptions (friends list). Videos are obtained "natural", so they cause great interest and trust from the children.

      Depending on the content, you can select:

      - entertaining ("unpacking", chelendzhi, rum-tours, etc.);

      - cognitive (videoblog about travel and sights);

      - training (videoblogs "DIY", masterclasses) videoblogs for children.

      Creating your own video blog is easy. So write on the Internet. You need to shoot a video on an interesting topic on your phone or camcorder and put on the site Yutyub. The number of views of the video will indicate whether he liked the audience or not.

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