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    • Summarizing the results of the March Freeze

      Dear friends!

      At this time, the only participant Freeze, who performed the measurements in the project for the soil moisture was the team "Researchers nature of the world" from Astrakhan. Their leader Galina Sokolova oldest and honored member of GlobalLab, so there is nothing strange in the fact that the guys so gently and confidently completed the study.

      According to their results, the soil moisture at a depth of 10-15 cm is 20%, and at a depth of 15-20 cm - 21%. Such soil is called fresh and considered most suitable for the growth of plants. However, the composition of the soil poor - loam in the higher layers and clay at a depth of more than 10 cm. The study was conducted in the coastal zone of the river, vegetation, judging by the photos quite poor. The project participants note that in summer, when the rains will not be, the soil is dry.

      Perhaps the other participants to work in this project prevented weather conditions, for example, in the conclusions of the guys from SHNOU "Vita" visible drifts and reported frosty weather.

      We are very grateful, "researcher of the nature of the world" for an interesting profile!

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    • Scientific adviser GlobalLab asking questions ... discuss?

      Huge and juicy melons grow on dry, often sun-baked soil. And the soil of vineyards is better: dry, in the cracks. They all need a lot of sun, which burns the ground; and they need a lot of water. Where did they take her? If from the Doges, the rain - infrequent event in our klimate.Poluchaetsya, soil stores rainwater. Where and how? Let's estimate: we are all in the 80-85 per cent consist of water ...

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