1. Вроде сосен, вроде ёлок, а зимою без...

    • Our larch in autumn 2015

      There was a new fall.
      And every autumn character. For example, this year we had a cold summer, to the extent that we are in July in the evening wore jackets. But in late September, the air temperature was over 25 ° C, and we went to T-shirts ...

      Phenology said: "The summer will take your ..." And so it happened ...

      Maybe that's why today we have found on the branches of larch trees that complete hvoepad, opened buds and young needles?

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    • Larch winter

      This winter, not in some larches having some difficulty with hvoepadom ... still remain on the leaves of many cherries from those that I watch. Only the end of December has flown completely birch in my house.

      And those larch, which I watched this year as part of the project, now here are:

      Clearly visible yellow needles on the branches, but more to confirm and close-up.

      This larch near the my house, she often appeared in my profile.

      But larch, which grow along the river. But the picture is similar.

      Now it is necessary to look for literature data on different types of behavior of larches in winter.

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    • Larch Moscow

      Weather in Moscow since records began (October 24), I was wrong.

      In October was: -2 °, -2 °, + 2 °, + 6 °, + 9 °, + 11 °, + 7 °, + 2 °. The first days of November was 0 ° C - + 2 ° C.

      Negative temperatures were rare at night was a plus or minus a little. Accordingly to my area of ​​larch or Moscow is still not completed in autumn coloring, or still do not crumble. Larch, we noted 24.10, as being in a state of mass hvoepada at that time was only so much of the autumn. Now 9 days later she completed hvoepad. Moreover, this larch grows in isolation busiest highways.

      Larch, growing in large plantations in natural parks, where many trees, where conditions are clearly better than near the highway, still many more are colored green. There are many such in the planting of trees in all of phenological phases. Beginners hvoepad massively crumbling and showered. In this case the output should be done not on the individual tree, and the entire group. If 10% of the trees are showing a single phase, it is the beginning of phase if the 50% - the height of the phase, and if 90% - is the completion phase.

      It seemed to me that for the larches in Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill actual state - mass autumnal coloration needles and mass hvoepad.

      More examples:

      Note larch with the first shot, they were left to me, more green and maloosypavshiesya and larch with this picture, on the right hand on me, almost all crumbled. Summary balance sheet leaves us in a stage of mass hvoepada.

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    • Phenology larch

      Dear researchers!

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    • We learn to explore

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