1. Забытые возможности конфетного фантика

    • We invite to cooperation

      Let's get acquainted. Authors of this project are the third grade student Timashova Chervyakova Elizabeth and Marina. I run this project.

      Girls managed during the work (project started in January 2014) to collect a lot of information about wrappers. They managed to collect not only a collection of wrappers, but established a correspondence with confectionary "Bayan Sүlu" helped me the lesson of mathematics. Then we calculated the perimeter of candy wrappers, and the girls who talked about how and where to create wrappers. For the guys in the class, they had a lesson "Fantasy candy candy wrappers." Taught classmates do wrappers of flowers, butterflies, birds, bracelets and even doll dresses.

      It is a pity that a candy factory in Kazakhstan, it has not yet been able to find candy wrappers that would help the student, would make it easier to study, fun.

      Forward the completed questionnaires to continue.

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