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      One man found an eagle egg and planted his chicken.

      Eaglet grew up with chickens and become like them: he cackled as they dug into the ground in search of worms, flapped their wings and tried to fly.

      Years passed. I have already raised the eagle in the sky saw the proud bird.

      With extraordinary grace she overcame gusts occasionally flapping big wings.

      Enchanted eagle asked
      - Who is it?
      - This is the eagle, the king of all birds - the neighbor replied. - It belongs to the sky. And we, chickens, belong to the earth.
      So the eagle lived and died like a chicken as chicken, because he believed in his chicken origin.

      Your environment affects you, whether you like it or not, keep this in mind as well that the limiting beliefs that environment are not a measure of your ability.

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    • Reasonable relationship to health - is to increase the reserves of our internal organs

      Nature constantly tells us answers to almost any vital issues. For example, it is known that in vivo animal almost sick. But if you think about how difficult and dangerous to exist in the wild, how hard their "bread", if I may say so, the amount of motion energy spent by them in the process of life, sometimes striking.

      And now let us remember what life was like the older generation, that is, those whom we now lovingly call the grandparents, old people. It was particularly difficult in the villages where there were no running water, central heating, gas and electric light. Yes, and sometimes there was no food in sufficient quantities. How much they had to spend effort into to heat the house (or rather hut), to provide themselves with water (several times a day I had to walk, sometimes for hundreds of meters from the house) and even bread. Firewood, caring for livestock, cultivation of the beds in the gardens, etc. - these are everyday concerns of our grandparents.
      Remember when we have the houses in the summer shut off the hot water, as we feel uncomfortable. Now imagine that there is no water at all, and will not ... The fact that we now naturally and habitually, before simply missing. But, despite this, the disease now facing the older generation was much smaller.
      Civilization now has taken on the huge number of domestic and economic problems, life has become easier, but at the same time and less mobile. How many people are now suffering from excess weight! We almost stopped walking, using either personal or public transport. And if it was a forced activity, but now it must become conscious. But we are so constituted that we always lie better than sitting. Sit better than to stand and stand better than walking, especially running.
      Let's look at the problem from the other side. Most of us are pretty well versed in vehicles. And we all with one voice say that, for example, a car with an engine power of 100 hp. s. better and more reliable car 50 l. s. Because in the first case, a higher service life, and this machine will serve much longer than the one in which "horses" smaller.
      Like arranged and our organism, so our main task - increasing reserve capacity rights. When they were little, any weakening of that happened, for example, after acute respiratory infections, contributes to finding the weakest body (in terms of resources), which is being attacked.
      As you know, currently cardiovascular disease came out on top. Why? Because not enough aerobic exercise. What is it? It is these movements in which pulse load increases 1.5 times. These may include active work in the country (to sweat), purposeful brisk walking, lifting to the floor (conscious, that is, not cursing), jogging, various recreational activities. At the same time, increasing the workload on the heart, we force it to pump blood to the above normal mode, thus training and cardiac muscle, and blood vessels, increasing their share. Any weakly working body begins to take its position. He is not ready to assume extraordinary load caused by illness or stressful situation. http://lit.lib.ru/s/skakun_w_a/text_0020.shtml
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