1. Здоровый образ жизни

    • The highest intensity of the recovery observed immediately after stress, then the recovery processes are slowed down somewhat. In this case there is no simultaneous recovery of various indicators to baseline. For example, after the training exercises for 30 seconds at an intensity of 90% recovery efficiency occurs approximately 90-120 seconds. After a long work of the first return to the original reasons were external respiration - the frequency and depth. After a few hours of heart rate (heart rate) and blood pressure; a day or more - indicators of the nervous system; after a few days - basal metabolism (energy consumption for the operation of the body at rest).

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    • Heals the load can only be the one that leads to the preferential development of mechanisms of oxygen formation energy and the corresponding expansion of the reserves of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The greatest effect in improving mental performance have non-durable cyclic loads with moderate intensity (heart rate of 120-150 beats. / Min) and strength exercises. Team sports and arts with high mental stress, as well as cyclic physical activity of high intensity (heart rate over 160 beats. / Min) for 4-5 hours reduced mental capacity. © YI Grishina "RPT. Know and be able to: Tutorial - (Higher Education)"
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