1. «Птица года – 2016»: наш выбор!

    Choice of the year is done. Redstart!

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    2015 will take place under the sign of bird watchers have Redstart.

    It became a nineteenth bird, bird of the year bears the title, which annually assigned to one of the bird species in need of special care and attention of man.

    In Russia, home to five species of these birds: common or garden Redstart, Black redstart, krasnospinnaya redstart, Siberian redstart and krasnobryuhaya redstart. Another type - gray-haired redstart - occasionally flies to the south of Siberia. All Redstart - small slender bird with a pronounced sexual dimorphism.

    His name this bird was like a tongue of flame, constantly trembling bright red tail. Aboriginal gorihvostok homeland - the mountains near the upper limit of survival of woody vegetation, where the forest is under the onslaught of cold weather is divided into separate groves and trees. Hence their ancestors settled and higher into the mountains and down to the plains.

    Common redstart was the most common bird gardens and parks center of European Russia, but in recent decades, the number of species decreased significantly. Black redstart, by contrast, actively settles on cities and other settlements.

    In the Year of the redstart, we can:

    - To collect data on phenological redstart;

    - To come up with a story about the bird of the year in front of children, colleagues, the media, on the Internet;

    - Organize and carry out creative competitions dedicated to the bird of the year and the problems of its protection;

    - Redstart help solve the housing problem.

    Sure, this award-winning bird will not bypassed attention over the next year!

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