1. О Прекрасной Даме

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    Analysis of competitive profiles.

    So, the competition accepts applications from 25 to 30 April. As a result, participated in the contest 9 people. (Several questionnaires were removed, their authors are notified of the reasons for removal). Among the authors of the poems chosen by participants, featured - AS Pushkin ("I remember a wonderful moment"), Alexander Blok ("The Stranger," "One, you alone"), Edgar Allan Poe ("It's been a long time"), IA Brodsky "Oh, smile"), VS Vysotsky ("The Ballad of Love"), DV Davydov ("I love you the way you should love).

    Analysis of the questionnaires demonstrates that all the authors focus more on internal characteristics beloved than the outside, and more focus on the feelings that it gives love to a beautiful lady.

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