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    Pushkin women

    Continuing the conversation about Pushkin, I would like to introduce you, dear participants of the project, with the letter A. Kern - the same one which is dedicated to the poet's poem "I remember a wonderful moment."

    Here is some interesting excerpts from the letters that reveal to us the Pushkin by his relationships with women.

    "Vividly sensing good, Pushkin, however, it seems to me, is not fond of them women; it much more fascinating to them wit, sparkle and outer beauty. Coquettish desire to please him more than once attracted the attention of the poet's much more than the true and deep feeling, they instilled. He almost never expressed his feelings; he seems to be ashamed of them and this was the son of his age. (...) The reason that most fascinated by Pushkin brilliance than dignity and simplicity in the character of women, was, of course, in his low opinion of them, the former in the spirit of the time. (...) This may include a review of the poet and of the constancy of love, which he always seemed to be joking, like kiss hands; but it is, in all probability, was feigned tribute lifetime ... Once, speaking of a woman who loved him passionately, he said: "And then, you know, there's nothing tasteless than patience and samoobrechenie."

    Text of the letter is taken from VV Veresaeva "Pushkin in Life: A systematic set of authentic evidence of his contemporaries." - M., 1987. - S. 123-124.

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