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    Myth differs from the legend?

    Quite often, one can observe the following: Many people confuse the terms "myth" and "legend." So what is the fundamental difference between them? Myth - it is a certain literary genre, transmitting man's understanding of the origin of the world and natural phenomena, and the place of the individual in this world.

    Legend is an epic tale of what happened in ancient times, as a rule, most of the legends are based on actual events, although they are endowed sometimes, fiction, and the events in them are exaggerated, but it does not detract from the value and benefits of legends.

    The essence of myth and legend, in principle, the same, but has a significant difference in the time frame.

    In the earliest period of human development (Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece), where the order of chronology in its infancy, especially in the human world was a myth. It is explained by myths of people discover the most important human questions.

    Gradually, with the development of mankind and the emergence of monotheistic religions (where only one God, the creator, rather than a few), there were legends - more realistic stories, not all help to describe the universe as a whole, and some of its individual elements.

    Concept reinvents the legend, and now "legend" we also call the people and events that have received worldwide recognition. For example, the rock legends are The Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, and the legends of domestic show business - Alla Pugacheva, the group "VIA Gra" and others.

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