1. Приметы весны: цветёт мать-и-мачеха

    Coltsfoot and other primroses

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    Foalfoot far ahead of all other primroses in the suburbs (except wolf bark - but like bushes and are not considered among the primroses?). Usually it blooms at the end of March or early April, and following her spring flowers - goose onions, Pulmonaria, anemone lyutichnaya, Corydalis, hepatica - three weeks after it. But this is our natural primroses. But in our climate feel fine and other snowdrops, which previously could only be seen in the botanical gardens, and now many are planted in their dachas. According to my observations, first of all we have such invasive blooming snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis), hellebore and belotsvetnik spring (Leucójum vérnum), a week later - Siberian bluebell (Scilla siberica) and various types of crocus, then join them primrose, muscari, backache , hionodoksa, Pushkin, some tulips. Apart is the fragrant violet - she begins to bloom in the fall, and the snow is worth buds - it turns out that in winter it only pauses, and continues to blossom in the spring "from the same place," where it was interrupted frosts. Several years ago, in January thaw was very warm, so that even the snow melted - and arrived at the cottage, we found violet blossoms.

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