1. Приметы весны: поёт большая синица

    Sinichkin kalendarь (s) Vitaliй Bianchi

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    Start the first article of our spring phenological bird blog I would like to quote ...

    "And Old Sparrow told her:

    - Well, remember: January - the first month of the year - begins with a cheerful Christmas tree at children. Sun every day ponemnozhechku starts to get up earlier and stay up later. Light by the day arrives, and all the frost grows stronger. the sky is in the clouds. And when the sun peep, you tit, I want to sing. And you softly you try voice: "Zin Zin-tut! Dinh Dinh-tut!"


    Again looked out the sun, but such a fun, bright. It even warmed slightly, icicles hanging from roofs, and water flowed over them.

    "That's spring begins" - decided Zinka. Formed and sang loudly:

    - Zin-Zin-tan! Dinh Dinh-Tan! Throw a coat!

    - Early, ptashechka, sang, - told her Old Sparrow. - Look more how much frost will. More naplachemsya. "

    Vitali Bianchi

    "Sinichkin calendar"

    This truly novel phenological Vitaly V. wrote in June - July 1945 Covenants Ilyich (Moscow). It is printed in the school calendar, "All Year Round" in Moscow. Separate book was published in 1950 with illustrations by G. Nikolsky.

    Phenology - is a special science. She was not at the hearing ... The very name of it introduced into scientific use 130 years ago and is not even completely correct because the word translated "phenology" Greek can be as "the science of the phenomena" and the subject of interest is the seasonal phenology of the development of nature in a particular certain place.

    At the same time a person engages in phenological observations from time immemorial and phenological line can be found even in Hesiod:

    "Just the first leaves at the tips of branches of figs
    will be equal in length to the crow's fingerprint trail
    will then be the same for swimming and sea available again "
    (Works and Days, 679-681)

    Phenological observations available to anyone who loves nature and knowledge of local plants and animals. And yet they are very important for scientists, if the same methodology and subject to certain rules and regulations that we describe in our protocols phenological projects. Occurrence of certain events for phenologist often a sign that soon or have already started another specific yavlenie.I we are definitely going to look for such connections between different seasonal events. So on the first ditty big tits that phenology is expected in early February, celebrate winter fracture. At the turn of winter should wait for the first icicles on the south side of the roof and a sharp increase in light dnya.Tak that hearing the first song of the great tit and fill out the form in this project, I propose to immediately look out for icicles on roofs. Not forgetting, of course, be careful ...

    Average long-term start date singing big tits in St. Petersburg - 19 February, as early a date - February 10.

    Last year, the very first spring song big tits in the west of Moscow, we heard January 25, 2013, exactly on the same day as this year ...

    That's the phenology!

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