1. Глубина, плотность и температура снега

    Analyzing the results of the December freeze-frame of the academic year 2015/2016.

    December in our country this year turned out to be surprisingly warm. Our forecasts come true, because we expected a warm winter on the results of observations of the national sign. Forecasters AccuWeather weather service predicted even a warm winter in Moscow. But in the north of the country were expected severe frosts, which is also supported by studies of still pictures. Our Karelian participants reported twenty below. At the same time during the freeze Murmansk region it was not colder than Moscow, total -3 ° C.

    Many participants freeze noted that due to thawing and high temperature for winter, they could not be measured in this study required depth, snow density and temperature. But the overall picture without snow brightened our active nature of YaNAO researchers who reported the layer of snow up to 60 cm thick.

    In discussing the project team members «GlobiROst» noted that under this layer of snow all the temperature -6 ° C, although on the surface of the snow -20 ° C. So we can see firsthand that the snow is in the nature of thermal insulation for hibernating beneath the plants and animals hiding underneath.

    Suddenly noted snowfall participants from Astrakhan, although some of them snow melted directly in the measurement.

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