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    "Verses on the Beautiful Lady" AA Block

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    Dear participants of the project, offered to your attention an article about poetry collection AA Block - "Verses on a Beautiful Lady." After this first collection of poems of the poet, which brought him fame, is inspired by love and all 687 poems contained in it, devoted lover.

    Block started creating this collection in 1901, summer. He called this summer "mystical." There were two main reasons. It is in this summer, he met with Lyubov Dmitrievna Mendeleyeva, daughter of the great chemist Mendeleev, and passionately in love with her. A second reason is that in 1901 - the year of the poet's love with philosophy and poetry of Vladimir Solovyov.

    One of the main ideas in philosophy Solovyov was the idea of ​​searching the Eternal Feminine - incarnation of goodness, truth and beauty. This idea is the basis of the poetic collection Bloc "Verses on a Beautiful Lady." In it he calls differently Beautiful Lady - Mysterious Maiden, Radiant Vision, Dawn, Bush, majestic Eternal Wife, Holy, Princess, Eternal Hope Eternal Spring, inscrutable, Unattainable, Keeper - all these epithets certainly capitalized. In this one we see the heights to which lifts the image of the beloved poet.

    You're white, in the depths of nesmutima,
    In life - strict and Furious.
    Secretly unsettling and secretly loved,
    Virgo, Dawn, Bush.

    Home antithesis collection - He and She - lyrical hero and beautiful lady. It represents the beginning of the earth, She - heavenly. And moves the plot forward to seeing the whole cycle with the beloved, the meeting, which will connect heaven and earth, the meeting, which will transform the entire world.

    Let us follow this inner movement lyrical plot, based on the poems of the collection.

    Before the advent of the beloved poet draws a world devoid of any whatsoever colors and sounds ("The soul is silent, cold sky ..."). Poet's soul as indifferent and cold as all around as the sky itself. And only one only thought of the beloved, not even her own parish, but only thought about it fundamentally changes the landscape around:

    Before You turn blue without borders
    Sea, fields, mountains and forests,
    Echo heights in free birds
    Gets fog aleyut heaven.

    Block purposefully emphasizes the difference between them and her, labeling himself a "slave" in comparison with it and next to it:

    And down here in the dust, in dishonor,
    Seeing a moment immortal features
    Unknown slave, executed inspiration,
    You sing. You do not know him.

    In the poetic world Bloc all symbolic, particularly in the early stage of creativity. If you pay attention to the symbolism of color in this poem, we can see that the image of the heroine in the world carries a variety of colors - "turn blue sea without borders, fields, mountains and forests", "redden the sky." Nature as if alive in the presence of the Beautiful Ladies. In other verses beginning of the cycle appear color white, gold, blue.

    And the only color of the earth, the bottom - just dust.

    But realizing his "lowly" and earthiness compared with her, he still yearns for a meeting with all my heart:

    I'm waiting for a call, looking for an answer,
    Numbs the sky, the earth in silence,
    The yellow cornfield - somewhere far away -
    For a moment woke my appeal.

    Echoes of distant speech
    On the night sky, with fields drowsy,
    All mnyat secrets upcoming meetings
    Dating clear but fleeting.

    I'm waiting for - and trembling taketh new.
    Brighter sky, muffled silence ...
    Night secret destroy word ...
    Why, oh, the night of the soul!

    Awoke for a moment cornfield somewhere,
    Distant echo of my appeal.
    Still waiting for an appeal, seeking an answer
    But the strange silence of the earth lasts.

    Around the middle of the cycle to a joyful and reverent expectation of meeting with the beloved begins mingled anxiety - and suddenly the coming meeting will not therefore expect?

    Apprehend you. Years pass by -

    All in the guise of a premonition you.

    The horizon on fire - and clear unbearably

    And silently waiting - longing and loving.

    The horizon in the fire, and close appearance

    But I am afraid: You change the face,

    And perk arouse the suspicion,

    Succeeding at the end of the usual features.

    Oh, how pada - and sadly, and low,

    Not beating death dreams!

    How to clear the horizon! And radiance close.

    But I am afraid: You change the face.

    What causes anxiety? Firstly, it is known that the unit was not long before the end of the mutual feeling confident Lyubov Dmitrievna, and,

    secondly, the philosophy of early Bloc nourished on the ideas

    Vladimir Soloviev, contradicted the idea of ​​earthly happiness simple lyrical and Beautiful Lady. "Earth" He and "heavenly" She basically can not be together.

    "But I am afraid: you change the face" - key phrase signifies the turning of the whole plot. Poet scared that Ideal longer be ideal, that the earth will swallow his shell and deny the divine perfection.

    And what happens - not cheating premonition poet, lover, indeed, changing the face of:

    You - the other, mute, faceless,
    Lurking, kolduesh in silence.

    But in what to pay - do not know,
    And you do not know whether I would be yours,

    And so there having fun in victory
    Over one and a terrible soul.

    According to the logic of the poet, came down from heaven to earth, sweetheart must inevitably change.

    How are you and how did you mendacious daylight!
    I also at the heart of a white lie ...
    Completing the daily affairs,
    I know - in the evening come again.

    However, and the changes that have already not so unattainable sublime, perfect, but quite earthly, real, with flaws, weaknesses, she needed him like air.

    You look quiet, rigorous,
    In the eyes held dream.
    I chose a different way -
    Go - and the songs are not the ...

    It'll soon be evening pridvinetsya,
    And the night - to meet fate:
    Then my way capsize,
    And I will come back to you.

    So we see that at the beginning of the cycle is the beautiful lady bearer of the Divine Principle, the Eternal Feminine. Then this image is reduced, it becomes the earth, gaining the real, but the beloved does not become less expensive.

    "Verses on the Beautiful Lady" - a kind of hymn to love and beloved image, and the book is personal, intimate experiences of the poet.

    Blok's poems to read and understand is not easy and we hope that by reading this article, you are in a new look at this seeming complexity and pick up a volume of his poems. And, perhaps, analyze Blok lyrics in our project! Good luck to you!

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