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    Begin a new round of our ice project! Thanks to last year's results and analysis that carefully conducted our students, while another third graders, we have defined the data for the previous year, with which we can compare the data of the year.

    Phenology is considered the beginning of winter the date when the ice cover is established by a standing body of water is not very large. Criterion values ​​we have, but the first profile in the project "Freeze" on the establishment of the ice cover this year and she has already appeared on the dammed river says Klimovsk . Date of freezing the water - October 21, 2014 This information is sent to the project Paul Antoshkin , Klimovsk. The very next day there was a profile of the Kurgan region of Nasty Pooh . October 25 they froze a large lake . Both participants noted that the establishment of the ice cover was completed earlier than average. This coincides with the observations of last year, when the Moscow ponds were frozen on December 2! More than a month later!

    I too have something to share with the participants of the project. I can not fill in the questionnaire, because the reservoir, which I found and watched froze before I turned on its shores. Ice is very durable, its thickness is not less than 5-7 cm, it keeps a person.

    Small pond near the village Bezmenkov, now part of the Balashikha, MO.

    Photos taken on October 26 but the ice cover is explicitly set before.

    And as you pass freezing?

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