1. Новогоднее украшение города

    Celebrating the New Year to 1700

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    Celebrating New Year 1700 goda.V New Year celebrations held in the Kremlin ceremony "On Launched new summer", "On letoprovozhdenie" or "of the multi-health." Ceremony began at about 9 am on contemporary schetu.Na Moscow Kremlin Cathedral Square, opposite the north door of the cathedral, in front of the Red Porch throws a big platform. Dais covered with Persian and Turkish carpets. Between the Archangel Cathedral and Ivan the Great on the platform installed lectern three - two for the Gospels and one for icons Simeon Letoprovodtsa. Before lectern put large candles, table with silver chalice for the blessing of the water. Opposite the lectern set two places left for the patriarch, the right for the king.

    Patriarch, accompanied by the clergy went to the action of the western gate of the Assumption Cathedral. They carried icons, crosses and banners. When the patriarch went to the area, with the king entered the porch of the Annunciation. Procession of the patriarch and the king was accompanied by the ringing of bells at the Ivan the Great. Ringing stopped after the patriarch and the king took their mesta.Tsar out in formal attire. Since 1679 Bogomolov started to enter operation in more royal attire - that is in purple, a diadem, Monomakh. Retinue that accompanied the king was dressed in gold, that is, in brocade robes and hats gorlatnyh. By decree of 19 December 1680 to celebrate the new year was supposed to come in gold feryazyah.

    King was applied to the Gospel and icons, it blessed patriarch. Patriarch asked in a special speech about the health of the king. King reciprocal speech ended with "... God gave alive."

    Clergy and nobles took place at locations in rank king and the patriarch. Cathedral Square was filled servitors. At the locker (platform) from Blagovescheskogo to Archangel Cathedral stood steward, solicitors and nobles them guests. At the locker between the Annunciation and the Assumption Cathedral stood steward LSBs them deacons, colonels, head and your half Fletcher. On the porch of the cathedral were foreign ambassadors and foreign visitors. At the locker between Arkhangelsk and Assumption Cathedral were generals, colonels, and other initial people and foreigners. In the back row on the lockers were other ranks, not dressed in gold. Between the lockers and lockers were archers with banners, drums, weapons.

    Began service, metropolitans, archbishops, bishops and other clerics approached by two bowed to the king and the patriarch. After the service, the Patriarch addressed with a long "zdravstvennoy" speech to the king. The king answered and short speech was applied to the gospel, and icons. After this, the king and the patriarch Happy New Year spiritual power; two in a row and with a low bow. The king replied, bowing their heads, and the patriarch blessing. Then the king congratulated the boyars and other secular ranks with a bow on a large custom (almost to the ground). Moreover, one of the oldest uttered congratulatory speech. Then boyars congratulated Patriarch. When mutual congratulations ended, the king congratulated the whole area. All those in the area, including musketeers, brow beaten into the ground. The Emperor replied bow. Upon termination king went to mass at the Church of the Annunciation

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