1. A meal fit for a king…breakfast!

    Competition favorite breakfast

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    Friends, we are confident that you will not only attentive researchers, but also clever cooks. And your scientific knowledge allow you to cook the most healthy breakfast in the world!

    Therefore, we announce a competition favorite breakfast. To participate:

    1) From March 30 to April 12, describe the recipe of cooking that you like to eat for breakfast (or several courses).

    Please note: The recipe must be reproducible! So do not skimp on the details: the list of ingredients, proportions, the duration of the heat treatment, the number of servings of "output" - everything matters.

    2) Place the recipe in this thread.

    From 13 to 19 April GlobalLab users will vote, "Like" your favorite recipes. Invite your friends, let them also appreciate your culinary notes :)

    Author of the comment, to collect the maximum number of "likes" will get a monthly subscription to the tariff "Individual".

    Best of luck! :)

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