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    Rowan in the traditions of the Russian people

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    • Rowan is decorated with many parks and squares, avenues and streets, gardens and house gardens, and just forest expanses of Russia.
    • A true queen of autumn rowan, bright red or bright orange berries clusters visible from afar, and the leaves: red, yellow, brown, red, orange and green tint.
    • Rowan multicolor, colorful, as they say in distant antiquity, pockmarked. Remember the fairy tale "Speckled Hen"? Hen was in this tale speckled, t. E. Motley, colorful. From the word "speckled" and gave the name of this tree - Rowan.
    • In ancient times it was believed that the mountain ash in the woman awakens love and adds beauty, so young girls made of rowan berries beads and wore them.
    • It was felt that young Ryabinka must be put in front of the house to protect it from the evil eye and bad evil spirits.
    • During the wedding ceremonies in Russia, in the shoes of bride and groom put the leaves of mountain ash, and wreaths of leaves and berries wore on their heads. It was believed that in such a dress the bride and groom will be hidden from the evil evil eye.
    • And yet it was believed that the mountain ash protects a soldier during a military campaign. Armed men at war, wives sewed their clothes crosses of rowan twigs tied their red thread, and put in a bunch of rowan traveling bags as a remedy for scurvy and fatigue in the campaign.
    • In Russia we never stoked the furnace rowan, it was believed that the one who cut down a mountain ash, very sick, or someone from the family could get sick.
    • And yet there was an ancient belief that it is enough to stay in the shadow of a mountain ash, to smell it "scared" of human disease.
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