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    The success of our project

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    Of the three projects working GlobalLab devoted to the birds, it is this attracted the largest number of participants. Right! In our genetic memory, among many programs, there is a very strong interest in all living things. In very young children, this interest manifested in full force, but very soon, the efforts of parents, educators and teachers, it is usually locked so deep that it does not show more than ever. But not all.

    We tried to detect such people have not yet fully locked interest in life, and help them in every way to develop this interest. That is, an obstacle standing on the main route of human development. Nothing! While holding on. The popularity of our project confirms this.

    The second reason for the success it seems to me, as an innate, ancient and deep, hunting program. For many it is already apparent at a very early age. By the way, sport hunting women take an active part, along with men. But killing animals becomes fashionable. And fewer still who to kill. What do we do with hunting instinct?

    So, it appears that hunting with a camera - no less fascinating (and often - and no less dangerous!) Than with a carbine or shotgun. In addition, earlier to boast a trophy, it was necessary to order stuffed taxidermist and pay him a lot of money, and then - the next to trophies crowding our homes, not devoured by insects.

    Now you can easily publish the results of hunting on the internet, and even participate in different, very prestigious photography exhibitions.

    Participating in research projects such as this, we are implementing both programs - and hunting, and interest to the living. Besides, as has been said many times before, WE - ALL TOGETHER - NEW KNOWLEDGE gain.

    Welcome all participants of the project! Thank you for the information you have shared with us. Looking forward to your new profiles. Please be invited to participate in the project all your friends and acquaintances!

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