1. Acid Rain

    Two words about the dissociation

    Let's try to sort out the most features that a theory of dissociation, why it is needed.

    Let's start with the fact that there are substances, solutions and melts which conduct electricity. Pay attention! Metals conduct electricity in the solid state, and they are not interested in us. But the substance, type of salt, electrically conductive in aqueous solution or in the melt, we would be extremely interesting. I think many people have seen the experience to validate that distilled water does not conduct current, and the water table salt holds. Thus, aqueous sugar solution does not conduct current. A water solution of vinegar holds. While we will not discuss what substances form a conductive solutions, and which are not. Just point out that the substances, solutions and melts which conduct electricity are called electrolytes. To electrolytes are acids, bases, and the layers (there are exceptions, but in general it is quite true thesis).

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