1. Глаза – зеркало души

    Test profile for a rough estimation of the risk of visual impairment

    It is advisable that the test was conducted student parents.

    Instructions expert

    Try to assess the child on the following items using a 4-point scale:

    0 - a sign not expressed (absent);

    1 - a sign of poorly expressed or manifested occasionally;

    2 - a sign of moderately expressed or manifested periodically;

    3 - a sign clearly expressed or manifested constantly.


    1. Reads a lot.

    2. Often reading in poor light or lying down.

    3. More than an hour (an hour for younger students) per day at the computer.

    4. More than two hours (1:00 for younger students) spends a day watching TV.

    5. Reads, writes, "his nose" in the text.

    6. Parents have poor eyesight (wear glasses).

    7. Malnourished (lack of vitamin "A").

    8. There is a tendency of increased blood and / or intracranial pressure.

    9. Carelessly relates to hygiene of not watching eye fatigue.

    10. Has pronounced features of inertia, procrastination, phlegmatic.

    Interpretation of the results: a favorable rate to 10 points, with more than 20 index points the student shall be assigned a risk group.

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