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    Ecological debt day

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    What kind of day is not marked in any calendar? It is very sad and disturbing day.

    This year, he came on 18 August. This means that to date, humanity consumed the entire volume of renewable resources that the Earth can be played for a year.

    According to the Global Footprint Network (Global Footprint Network, GFN), this year's humanity consumed the entire volume of renewable bio-resources for the year in less than 8 months. This means that the remaining third of the year, we "take credit", the planet and future generations. Every year we all will consume the planet's resources in the past year, the ecological debt occurred on August 20 and in 2000 - at the beginning of October.

    GFN compares the consumption of biological resources by man (human ecological footprint) with the ability of the planet to recover and absorb the waste, including CO2. Overspending bioresources leads to environmental degradation, resulting in: desertification, ocean acidification, reducing soil fertility and so on.

    In 1961, mankind has used the Earth's biological resources by 75%. However, since the beginning of the 1970s, economic and demographic growth has led humanity into an era of ecological overspending. Today, 86% of the world population lives in countries that consume more natural capital than they are able to restore the ecosystem. According to calculations of GFN, the man now requires so many resources that could provide half of the Earth, and by the mid-century, it will need three Earth.

    Time to think! Time to act!

    (Based on the site of WWF-Russia)

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