1. Where does the magic happen?

    "Fairy Tales" - the largest portal headings fabulous - it is useful to us!

    I invite you to take a virtual tour:


    Here you will find not only a huge stock of Russian folk tales, but also books of fairy tales, diary storyteller dictionary.

    And most of all I liked the sections on "Signs" - stories, names, objects, animals. For example, you need to find out what other tales found a well, and what happens in it. Then you type in the index subjects - "The Well", and provides you the following list:

    • daughter of the Babi-Yaga, the wife of six-headed snake, wanting revenge Bure-athlete for the murder of her husband, turns into a well with poisonous water on a green meadow in the fairy tale " Storm-hero
      Ivan cow son "... in a green meadow oborochus I well, in this well will be swim silver goblet; ... If they want to take the horses to feed themselves relax and have a drink of water, then, and burst them on a poppy seed!.
    • average miracle Yudov wife tale " Ivan Bykovich "becomes the cistern where two floating on the water bowl," one gold and one silver, and who will undertake for the cup - that I'll drown ";
    • escape the chase water king in the fairy tale " The Sea King and Vasilisa the Wise , " Vasilisa the Wise horses turns into a pit;
    • escape from his pursuers, Vasilisa the Wise becomes well in the fairy tale " The Sea King and Vasilisa the Wise . "

    It may very well be useful to us, is not it?

    Report their findings in the comments to the draft!

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