1. Облачный покров. Декабрьский стоп-кадр

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    Sometimes it happens to hear the opinion that "in the north sky low." Indeed, in the Arctic the impression sometimes occurs in humans, who came from the south. But is there a line beyond which the sky "is below"? Or changes occur gradually?

    What may be the reason for such a feeling? From the position of clouds? Or it is retained in cloudless weather? As it passed the feeling in his paintings painters?

    Everywhere Is the sky looks the same in the same day? How can you talk about cloud cover, if different parts of the sky cloud cover varies?

    Gallery pictures of this project will discuss the techniques describe the cloud cover. Participants in the study (except for those places where the sky was cloudless or fully tightened Stratus clouds) on his experiences encountered difficulties characteristics of the entire sky at once. Try together to figure out how to talk about the sky simultaneously coated with different clouds.

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