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    Professions related to mathematics (source http://www.proprof.ru/)

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    Mathematics - one of the most important school subjects. It is even more important due to the growth of science and technological progress.

    A significant level of development of this science is very necessary for progress in many sciences. At the moment, the profession related to mathematics, are widespread.

    It is hard to find at least one area of ​​expertise in which mathematics plays no role. It is known that the rapid development of sciences related to the penetration into them is a mathematical way of thinking and mathematical methods.

    This applies not only to physics, engineering and astronomy, but also such relatively distant from mathematics sciences as chemistry, geology, medicine, biology, archeology, economics, meteorology and others.

    Mathematics is needed in practice technicians and engineers, as well as in many other professions, skilled workers (see. engineering profession ).

    Mathematics as a science is the foundation of engineering. It is necessary to make numerous calculations of the parameters of a variety of engineering units, as well as many other settlements, to our homes were full of light and warmth. (See. Profession Engineer ).

    The important role mathematics plays in accounting. (See. The accounting profession ) She did not conceivable without the foundations of mathematics.

    Since you must pay for the services of partners, the supply of various materials, make payroll, and there is certainly no math anywhere, because it is necessary to make hundreds of thousands of arithmetic.

    All this care took up to a huge amount of time, if carried out without the aid of computer technology.

    For example, it is necessary to lay down a lot of big numbers. If to count in a column in the paper. The fact that, most likely, will take a lot of time. An experienced accountant to cope with this task with the use of the account for a short period of time.

    A computing machine required for such work only fractions of a second. Moreover, it checks the calculation several times.

    Modern computers in hundreds of thousands of times faster work than men. But the creation and management of such machines would be impossible without mathematics (See. Professions associated with computers ). But the scope of the machines is almost limitless.

    For example, to predict tomorrow's weather, it was necessary to do a lot of arithmetic operations. When calculating manually two experts spent to calculate these for about five years, and the machine do the work for an hour.

    In many major airports computers instead of man-manager run takeoff and landing aircraft.

    The computer is a better manager than the man he thinks faster, not nervous, never tired, and almost never make mistakes.

    It turns out that with the help of computer technology mathematics can control the flight of aircraft.

    And any such vehicle is subject to mathematical laws, but it was created by people who have high mathematical knowledge.

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