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    Atlantis. Where are you?

    Geographically, the continent of Atlantis stretched from the eastern shores of contemporary America, including coastal areas, where now the pants Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, West Indian Islands, Brazil, and almost to the west coast of Africa. The first rulers were highly developed individuals who could communicate by sending thoughts at a distance, so at first they did not need a script. Unfortunately, such an ability as telepathy, people have lost nowadays. This vital energy is the transmission of thoughts helped create such amazing inventions that have failed to achieve any one subsequent population of the earth. It was subsequently established Atlantis aircraft, underwater vehicles and instruments that resemble modern lasers that eventually evolved into the most advanced Atlantis technically advanced civilization.
    Externally Atlanta resembled modern American Indians, who believed to have originated from Atlantis: the nose is quite large, black-black hair, they were rubbed with beeswax mixed with rose oil, almost black eyes, clothing resembled a toga, white teeth, reddish skin tone. They eat soft food, raw vegetables, fruits, berries and meat roasted on an open fire, but the meat was used only on special holidays established by the King. The name of God is almost never spoken aloud, it could only portray symbolically as a combination of the sun and the crescent, and if it had to say the name, the lips rounded as for the pronunciation of the sound "O" (sun-figure) and then proceeds to (polumesyats- shape) - "m" sound, ie All words are pronounced as the sacred word "Om".
    The warm climate did not require thermal insulation of housing, water supplied through pipes. At Atlantis we had close trade relations with Egypt and Spain. In the Golden Age of the Atlanteans lived several hundred years. After 23-25 ​​years, the main difference in age was considered a level of wisdom, experience, clarity of thought in relation to each other. Children from an early age were taught higher mathematics. Teens interested in more inventions than philosophy and linguistics emerged later. Therefore, children and teenagers can make calculations in his mind with the speed of modern computers. All collected information is stored in special cylinders. Some of these cylinders still kept close to the Great Pyramids of Gizah and part in ukatanomu.
    Atlanta decide when to leave their physical form, ie, die physically. They concentrated their will and attention, so clearly imagine another world measure that passed it with full consciousness and full right to take this step.

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