1. Форма безлистных крон

    Form crown depends on the growth conditions?

    On the one hand there are trees that have Crohn's characteristic shape and always keeps this character. For example, Crohn's weeping birch due to the fact that the terminal shoots elongate. This major skeletal branches of the crown did not droop and can be both ascending and almost horizontal. Kron while we still define as weeping, although its contours may be different. At the birches that grow in the woods, crown begins above the ascending branch, and located at the ends of drooping shoots. And freestanding birch can be greatly outstretched branches, starting low to the ground. And with the same external weeping branches.

    Here are some examples of different birches crowns with different contours.

    And yet all this variety can be described as a weeping crown.

    But here's a look at three of these tree ...

    We have before us three limes. The leafless state, I find it difficult to identify them to species. All three of the trees at the bottom of the crown visible characteristic of the linden branches. They first tend to the earth, and on the end is lifted up, it turns out, as it were a symbol of "approximately", the tilde. In the trunk branch goes up slightly, and then descends down and then rises again.

    But at the same leftmost linden tree has a pyramidal crown shape, in the middle of a characteristic of the limes - ovate, and on the right a narrow columnar. The dark bark and branches of an experienced supervisor to give you close to these trees include lindens. In addition twigs so often it arranged that the koruna seems fluffy. This is also a characteristic of the lime trees.

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