1. Экологическое состояние водоемов России

    For teachers recommend a program for the study of the reservoir UDC 681.2 Environmental monitoring. The program is an elective course for grades 9-11 of learners by / Comp. Ants AG - Ed. 3rd, revised. and supplemented. - St. Petersburg: Christmas +, 2008. - 48 p. ISBN 978-5-89495-153-4 About the author: Alexander G. Ants, Head of Training and Centre for Scientific and Production Association JSC "Christmas +", candidate of chemical sciences. The published program of the course is devoted to the environmental assessment of the state of the environment in its practical aspect, and implements the activity component of education. The program is characterized by variability, complexity and murkiness system is developed and tested in the educational uchrezhdeni- s different types of methodical-didactic unit, you can use it as itself, and within the Science subjects (chemistry, biology, ecology, geography, life safety, and others.). Are lists of equipment of practical work to assess the state of the environment express ways. Also proposed a variant of the test control INSTALLS military material and other. The program can be implemented in secondary general education institutions, and other specialized classes as the basis of practical environmental activities of students. © Publisher
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