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    Flowed, flowed and went under glass. What is this?

    We continue to monitor the establishment of the ice cover. Autumn this year is quite unusual, at least in regard to the condition of the trees. We'll see how to behave inanimate nature.

    Today, November 4, we found another one the frozen body of water standing. It is located in Moscow's Solncevo below the Moscow district, once there was a village eagles.

    As before, we can not tell when the ice cover is established, but it should be noted that the air temperature is above zero (+ 4 ° C, but the standing water bodies continue to put on ice, and the ice is not melting.

    Rime covered roads and grass.

    Also interesting observations we made in the area of ​​the Moscow River. We are waiting for the establishment of an ice cover on the river Moscow, so as often as possible arrive on its shores. Place our observations are located on an arrow of the Moscow River and the river Big Gnilusha, which empties into it. This river completely justifies its name because it goes storm drainage, and her bed in the precincts of our forests (portions Serebryanoborcheskogo forestry) littered. The water in the river muddy, malodorous, silted bottom of this greenish silt carried into the Moskva River at the confluence Gnilusha. Analyzing place our observations on the map profiles GlobalLab we were surprised to find that at this point our district Krylatskoje and ends on the other side Gnilusha already Strogino.

    The plot, which is visible on the map to the east of Big Gnilusha in the Moscow River occupied lowland marsh. Moskva River at this point is high, it descends steeply down to a small terrace, and from this terrace has a boat ramp, a narrow strip of sandy beach. Here are below the terrace, but to a sandy beach - swamp.

    On October 25, we found that the swamp was covered with ice. A layer of ice was quite strong, enduring adult. Where we broke the ice beneath it was water.

    As a result of our tests for strength cracked ice and water on top of it made.

    Again at this place we went back a week later on November 1st. To our great surprise, all the water which was under the ice, which flooded the ice is gone. Tper there dry shore, on which lies a layer of ice, namёrzshego over a week ago. Type quite spring and not the fall-winter. The picture shows a young researcher Jacob Zlochevskiy.

    Here is our pre-winter, and can already start of winter ... And what do you have?

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