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    Papier - mache

    Very nice to see the guys working on this project. Today leading papier -mashe. What I like very surprised. So what is a papier - mache?

    Papier-mache (fr. Papier mâché, letters. "Zhёvanaya paper") - which can easily be forming pulp obtained from a mixture of fibrous materials (paper) with adhesives, \ starch, plaster, and so on. D.

    Despite the French name, products papier-mache was not in France until the middle of XVII century. Homeland papier-mache - China, where paper was invented. The Chinese have used papier-mâché for helmets and other things, which stiffen using many layers of lacquer. Such items were found during excavations belonging to the Han Dynasty (202 BC. E. - 220 BC. E.).

    Papier-mache dummies do, masks, textbooks, toys, theater props, jewelry boxes. In some cases, made of papier-mâché made even furniture and fixtures that are not so easy to distinguish from the "real".

    There are three technologies of manufacturing of products made of papier-mache.

    In the first - a product made by gluing small pieces of stratified wet paper on pre-prepared model. The classical technique applied by several layers of paper 100. Now it is often used polyvinyl acetate glue, and earlier used starch paste.

    By the second method the product formed from the liquid stock. Paper, cut into small pieces, pour hot water and placed for a day in a warm place. She then be boiled, pressed, dried and loosened. The resulting pulp is thoroughly mixed with chalk. The paper and chalk mixture with constant stirring add the glue to obtain a plastic creamy dough. As the adhesive, a mixture of starch paste and wood glue. The dough is poured into the prepared form or coated layer on its surface and allowed to stand until dry.

    The third method - products like plywood glued under pressure from the plates of solid cardboard.

    The resulting product is primed and paint.

    Also, the term "papier-mache" refers to machinery manufacturing relatively thin-walled, but hard casts of the small pieces of paper, glued in several layers to any shape. The paper often use newspaper. Clay - PVA or flour paste. Forms - Gypsum, although often used balloons for a base spherical crafts. Sometimes in the middle layers of the paper added layers of fabric / gauze, so that the product has become stronger in the gap (ie, reinforced).

    Dear participants! Be creative, dream, surprise! I'd like to see your new job!

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