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    Security measures during a thunderstorm

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    Lightning on the Water

    If you see what is going to storm, it is better to leave the pond and get away from it for a considerable distance. Lightning hit the water, striking all around in a radius of about 100 meters.

    Lightning in the woods

    You can not hide from the storm under the trees. Lightning often misses the trees, especially in the high.

    In the storm better out of the woods, such as clearing, stay in one place, and it is better to sit down, hide cloak and just wait out the storm.

    Lightning in the field

    In the field during a lightning storm, avoid open spaces, because the highest subject of exactly what you will. Take a closer look and find any ditch, ravine hole. Take cover in it and there, in relative safety, wait out the storm.

    From power lines, and any other metal structures, generally better go as far as possible!

    Lightning and car

    If the storm caught you in the car, then do not panic: the car - the safest area for you in this situation. Stop the car, close all windows and hatches. Do not leave your car.

    Zipper and cell phone

    Cell phone can be dangerous during a thunderstorm, as radio waves that it emits, even if you're not talking on the phone, "attract" lightning.

    During thunderstorms phone off!

    Houses in storm

    You need to close all windows and doors, turn off electrical appliances, do not talk on the phone. Try to stay at a certain distance from the central heating radiator.

    General Tips

    During a thunderstorm, that caught you in the woods, the fields, the pond, try to occupy the least possible space.

    Sit down on his haunches, hugging her knees and try not to move.

    Metal objects (jewelry) to remove themselves better, metal objects should be removed from the pockets and put myself at a distance of five meters.

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