1. Новогоднее украшение города

    Folk omens

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    Happy New Year in Russia traditionally associated large number of people will. In the New Year's Eve dress made in a new and better clothes, as if to enter the new year with new clothes, the whole year will go to new clothes. Also considered that it is impossible to give money to the New Year's Eve, otherwise the whole year will give them. Therefore, before the New Year in advance gave all debts, forgive all wrongs, and those who were at odds, had to be reconciled. Still also believe that borrow under the New Year's impossible, and that the whole year will have to sit out in debt. Sleep in a New Year's Eve is also impossible, otherwise the whole year be sluggish and uninteresting. Christmas table should burst with dishes and wines that the whole year life was rich and fun. Before the New Year is also recommended to throw out of the house all battered dishes to wash windows and mirrors.

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