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    It is believed that the water bodies of the European part of Russia begin to freeze in the second half of November and the first half of December, the ice cover is installed. In our school for the third year to observe the process of freeze-up on the river Moscow, to which the school building from the doorstep. We are very interesting to compare their results with the observations of other participants GlobalLab.

    Even now, when our project in the beginning, and not all the rivers, lakes, ponds and streams are marked on the map, you can do some interesting conclusions. For example, the work of the guys in the class "Birdwatchers" GBOU USI №25 shows us the exact date of the beginning of winter - December 2, 2013. For phenology (ie scientist studying the natural rhythms of natural events) period from the first snowfall until freeze-up is called pre-winter, and the ice on the establishment of standing water bodies is considered the beginning of winter. At about the same time frame established snow cover, and the period up to the winter solstice of snow cover - is Pervozime. If we compare the data of two projects: "Freeze" and "snowing, snowing," it can be noted Pervozimya duration. We found the information that the first snow is not necessary to name the first snowfall, and the snow, when the whole earth after summer is covered with snow for the first time, a snow often the first time does not remain on the ground, but this year was held in a snowfall Moscow, November 26, 2013, and the snow has not melted. But for the very first snowfall, we still accept November 14 when went very heavy snow. The duration of the pre-winter in this case - 18 days.

    Also interesting observations on the rivers. On the map it is clear that Moscow and Kazan are approximately the same latitude, but east of Kazan. December 6 in Kazan marked the end of the freeze-up on the river Kazanka and Moskva river while completely covered in ice, and we can not fill in the questionnaire design.

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