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    On scientific discovery, perfect Yegor rodinamoscow

    Map tales "" Giant and the Tailor "turned out amazing!

    The fact that it is divided into two parts, where again (as in the map nic2005) profane and sacral areas separated stream passes therebetween. One part of the profane card - black and white, and the other - sacred - colored.

    But there is a significant difference from the card nic2005: contrasting worlds went there on the vertical axis (the world of surface and underground), and here - on the horizontal. Ie and the profane and sacred worlds in a fairy tale "Giant and the Tailor" are in the same plane.

    This is another type of performance areas in a fairy tale.

    I wonder what discoveries await us next? Why the choice depends on the type of terrain representation?

    Egor, congratulations! You made an important observation!

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