1. Солнце над горизонтом

    We are discussing the September results of the project.

    The "Sun above the horizon," the most complex of all studies Freeze. This September, the call took six participants. Let's see what they did together and discuss the results of the project.

    For example, members of the village Ostrovskaya Volgograd region experimental determination of the height of the sun above the horizon showed 41,63 °. If you look at the site http://planetcalc.ru/320/, the geographical coordinates of the height of the sun is equal to 43,3 °. Given that I can not say exactly what time the measurements accurate enough results. But the magnetic bearing on the website Set 170,3 °, while the participants Freeze counted 330 °. That this result would have been interesting to discuss ...

    A more southerly position of the participants still picture from Nizhnekundryuchenskogo rural settlement. Their result - the height of the sun above the horizon 57,94 °. Site http://planetcalc.ru/320/ gives a different result - 47,1 °. This is the maximum height of the sun above the horizon, which is achieved for the entire day at this latitude ... also an interesting topic for discussion ...

    Experimental results from Novosibirsk (the most eastern result of the project) is also closely coincides with the calculated 36,40 ° and 34,2 °. With azimuth everything again oddly enough: measured - 344 °, and by calculations leaves - 173,9 °

    Participants from Zherdёvka Tambov region during the study to determine the height of the sun above the horizon 39,57 °. If you look at the site http://planetcalc.ru/320/ the height of the Sun 37 °. Match fairly close. And most importantly, it is the only participant who was close to the calculated value of the magnetic azimuth. According to their observations - 170 °, and the site - 177.9 °.

    In our northern members altitude of the sun above the horizon, obviously, below. In St. Petersburg - 30,6 °. Under the Archangel in Cecht - 24,90 °.

    But with the azimuth but our experienced members of Zherdёvki no one guessed. It would be interesting to discuss how we did it ...

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