1. Солнце над горизонтом

    Compare your own results and the results that have been found on the Internet

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    Participants from Zherdёvka Tambov region in the study identified the height of the sun above the horizon 35.53 degrees.

    If you look at the site http://planetcalc.ru/320/ the height of the Sun 35.49 degrees.

    We see a very exact match data calculated by the length of the shadow and the data from the Internet.

    The participants of the group "Friends" height of the sun came out 31.6 degrees. Cities Krasnokamsk online http://planetcalc.ru/320/ could not be found, but in the nearest available city of Perm in the height of the sun on this day would have to be 26.77 degrees. It is interesting to try to explain these results ...

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