1. A meal fit for a king…breakfast!

    This article offers readers recipes for delicious dishes that can be prepared quickly for breakfast schooler. Not all children and adults alike love to eat fruits and vegetables in its pure form, however, offer to connect your imagination and invent those dishes that will eat with pleasure. Perhaps it is a bit more complicated than just cook sausage sandwich, but we want to replenish our body honors useful elements and vitamins, and not E-additives! So, we proceed

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    . One. This fruit salad dish loves improvisation. Cut into small bowl two or more kinds of fruit. This can be pears, apples, plums, peaches, bananas, oranges, kiwi. You can also use a variety of melons and berries. Gently mix your next salad. It can fill homemade yoghurt, condensed milk, honey, sour cream with sugar or cream. Mix fruit salad with dressing and chill in the refrigerator for about five minutes. Your student will appreciate your efforts.
    One word of advice - try to use fall more local, seasonal fruit. Well, in winter you can settle for "exotic" fruits.

    2. Fresh "multivitamin" To prepare this dish, you'll need a juicer. To save the morning, you can prepare fruit pm - wash and cut into large chunks of various fruits (oranges, apples, peaches, pears, plums). You can also add a sweet carrots. In the evening all put in a sealed bag in the refrigerator, and in the morning for five minutes, you get one great fresh. The resulting juice can be diluted with water (purified or mineral), add a spoonful of honey. Keep the juice is not desirable, it will lose its beneficial properties. Suggest a child for breakfast with toast or fresh homemade pastries.

    3. Kissel "Five Minutes" A couple of glasses of house juice or compote to a boil. Tablespoon potato starch dissolve in 100 ml. of water at room temperature. Pour the starch in a container of juice and boil for a few minutes on low heat. To taste, add a little sugar. This pudding can be served in hot or cold. You can cook it in the evening, so your breakfast will not take up your time in the morning. This jelly kids having fun drink with homemade cookies or cake.

    4. Omelette with vegetables. Prepare for school omelet with vegetables, much better than him fry bacon and sausage. To do this, we need an omelette (your choice), zucchini, tomato, green onion, bell peppers, green peas. Vegetables (one or more) cut into small pieces and send it to stew in a pan with a little water. Cover the vegetables cover. Break the eggs into a bowl, a little salt, add a couple tablespoons of milk or cream. All lightly whisk. Pour eggs to vegetables that were extinguished within 5-10 minutes, reduce heat and close the lid omelette. Simmer on low heat for an omelet, omelette until the top layer does not "grab". Sprinkle the finished dish with greens and serve. In such an omelette, you can add pieces of boiled chicken, so you get even more hearty and healthy breakfast for the entire family.

    5. Baked apples. Take a pair of large apples, cut them in half. Put them up slices on a plate, suitable for microwave. Apples lightly sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Can be put on top of a teaspoon of curd, crushed with sugar and egg. Bake your apples in a microwave oven until soft. Can apples ready to file with honey or whipped cream. In any case, it will be very useful and diet breakfast!

    6. "Super-bananas" Peel two bananas. Cut them lengthwise into two halves. Put these banana halves on a plate. Top as desired can be poured bananas yogurt, condensed milk, put a lot of Sour or whipped cream. Is also very tasty sour cream, mixed with sugar and cocoa powder. Sprinkle bananas stuffed with grated chocolate or nuts. Breakfast is ready. If you are not afraid of experiments - bake bananas a couple of minutes in the microwave - much like the taste of caramelized bananas, well, think about whether you are in this category - you decide.

    7. Baked Vegetables If your student loves baked vegetables, be sure to cook him breakfast this: Take a large tomato or sweet pepper, cut vegetables into two halves. Place the vegetables on a plate cut up and remove part of the tomato pulp and pepper - all the seeds. Inside the prepared vegetables can put salty boiled rice, boiled chicken, stewed mushrooms. It is also possible to mix any of the proposed ingredients. Rub hard cheese on top. Bake in the microwave your masterpiece. A delicious and hearty breakfast is ready!

    8. Hot sandwiches with various fillings

    On the prepared bread (slightly greased with butter) and put a circle of tomato slices of boiled chicken fillet. All top sprinkle with grated cheese. Chicken breast fillet can replace boiled fish. Instead, you can use tomato peppers. After heating the sandwich in a microwave oven can add to it fresh lettuce or chopped cucumber slices.
    If you plan early in the week that will prepare breakfast for your student and will get all the products to feed your student tasty and healthy breakfast, not be easy.

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