1. Приметы весны: поёт большая синица

    Or spring thaw?

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    Dear members!

    Our curator and author phenologist Violetta G. Fedotov draws our attention to the fact that sometimes singing tits does not mean breaking winter, complete deaf native winter. The fact is that sometimes sing in unison tits can thaw and just shut up together with the return of cold weather. Therefore it is very important now, even when you pointed tits confident singing for three days not oslablt vigilance. Every day, listen: sing or not sing. And if you shut up, then for how long? A day or two? Or prolonged silence. All the features in the future behavior of tits (ie after the publication of the questionnaire) will be reported in this blog article.

    For example, according to Violetta Bonner Murmansk now deaf winter. So Severomorskie tits and singing early. And they sing! We need to find not thaw whether they influenced. Do not shut up they will soon to be silent before the beginning of March?

    Also ask all very carefully read the study protocol. Since the first study of a song is just beginning. You can not fill out the questionnaire before tit sang to you at least three days in a row! Profiles with irrelevant data will be hidden.

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