1. Гербарий сказочных растений

    Living Water?

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    Tales, as well as other genres of folklore reflect the first steps in understanding the properties of plants. It juices of plants purchased in the name of the fairy tales - "living water."

    Fabulous plant can heal, to bestow eternal life, to fulfill the desire, to give happiness or, conversely, to destroy it ... Fabulous plant can be stone or extraterrestrial origin .... mysterious and fabulous!

    Completed questionnaires to the project confirms the above said.

    We have unraveled the riddle of the plant, which "in the country Miflandiya grows only on the edge Mandragorovogo forest on the island Oborotnevom Singing in the sea." Intrigued?. Then soon acquainted with the questionnaire

    A Odolen-grass, which will overcome any pain and return the love interest?

    Then you here and here !

    A sweet grass, we meet almost every day - an evil sorceress planted close to the people, this herb did not want to harm people, and decided to help people benefit - and cows eating grass began to give this a delicious milk, roots Travushka -Muravushka given a beautiful paint and stems healing potions for health did not want to worship? Then get to know closer!


    Or maybe just to see profiles of participants?

    I do it regularly and get great pleasure!

    Thanks to all who participated in the project!

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