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    The problem of the choice of reference

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    Why do this project, the result of which would seem to be predictable? Position of the sun in the sky at any place, any time and any date can be calculated by astronomical and navigational programs without any whatsoever field observations.

    This is largely a training project.

    Students learn to determine the time noon local time, the geographic direction (not magnetic) north, get your experience, allowing more meaningful to study the subject of geographical coordinates.

    Metapredmetny result achieved during the study and discussion of its results - understanding that to obtain comparable results working in different places, researchers must choose a single coordinate system, a single point of reference.

    After all, we have made it our task to determine the position of the sun above the horizon, and the horizon line, repeating outlines the scope is visible only at sea and on land mountains or low relief elements, urban development and the trees hide the "end of the Earth."

    Performing research, participants in the original coordinates took no visible edge of the field of view, and is independent of the surface relief of the line (or lines?). I wonder if they noticed it?

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